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About Us

At Takis we’re all about THE BEST tasting biltong without any compromise! We strive to provide only the BEST QUALITY products,as seen by our Market Share Leadership well over 70%. We at Takis are committed to provide a product and service that meets or exceeds all customers snacking requirements. Our businesses main focus is to sell the highest quality biltong snacks at the most competitive price as possible.

Our evaluation of our products is evaluated in terms of Health + Safety, consumer legislation, nutrition, freshness, appearance and taste.

Our Range

Our History

The great empire was established in 1974 by Mr Takis in the comfort of his house on Linksfield Road, East of Johannesburg. Due to a great demand for his biltong he moved to a butchery in Mayfair. As times got better and this great biltong empire grew, Mr Takis looked at, and employed family members to grow and enlighten such a strong brand.

Dougie, Gina and Michael joined Mr Takis and became a tight fit family business growing biltong in the South African snacking avenue. Biltong was a great passion to these now “biltong kings” and a niche market was formed to supply pre-packed biltong to the masses. They combined successful recipes with the freshest quality and entered into the new emerging market for pre-packed biltong.

Being the only company to supply quality, consistency and service, Takis quickly and swiftly outgrew the small Mayfair butchery and moved to new premises. Takis went on to becoming a national product in the biltong industry, growing to become a greatly respected market leader. Takis strives to keep their great market share, and have gone onto winning “the stars readers choice” award for several years.

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